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Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough


By Martin Crimp

Directed by Connal Orton

Lighting design by Paul Towson

With Nina Conti and Martin Freeman

Photography by Adrian Gatie

A young estate agent, Clair, tries to sell a suburban house to James, a distinguished and disarming cash buyer. At first debonair, James becomes increasingly sinister, prying his way into Clair's private life. She is soon drawn to him. By the end James is in her flat, talking to Clair's mother on the phone. He tells her that Clair is taking a shower. But it becomes clear she is not, and just as the play's title promises, James has dealt with Clair for good. 

'A skilfully written, well-crafted exposition of the horrors just beneath the civilised surface of our lives; it is at once a delicious satire on yuppie moral and emotional bankruptcy and a bleak, black comedy thriller'


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