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Duke of York's Theatre

By Brian Clark

Director Peter Hall

Starring Kim Cattrall
Lighting Paul Pyant

Sound Design Gregory Clarke

Produced by Sonia Friedman Productions and Mark Rubinstein

Whose Life Is It Anyway? was a revival of Brian Clark's 1976 play.  It follows the talented and sparky, sculptor Claire Harrison (played by Kim Cattrall) after a serious road accident leaves her paralysed. The play explores Claire indomitable spirit and her desire to reclaim control over decisions about her own life and death. Set in a hospital ward, it focuses on the question of whether we have a right to decide our own fate and the patriarchal nature of the medical establishment. 


Lucy Hall's set design - using walkways on different levels and curtain tracks to segment the stage - cleverly suggests a modern, busy hospital without littering it with the clutter of medical paraphernalia' Peter Brown, London Theatre Guide

'Peter Hall's production, with its rushing sidelong movement, also avoids the cliches of a medical soap' Michael Billington, The Guardian

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