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English Touring Theatre


By Oscar Wilde

Starring Bette Bourne
Directed by Nick Wright
Lighting Ben Ormerod
Music by Jeremy Sands
Sound Designer Colin Renwick

‘Wright’s production opens in a setting (by Lucy Hall) of sybaritic opulence. Every luxury consistent with a small budget and the practical needs of a touring production has been lavished on Algernon Moncrieff’s chambers in The Albany. There is no heavy furniture with hard ascetic backs and boring straight legs but instead immense silk and velvet cushions piled up on the floor, an oriental brass hanging lamp in the form of a fretted globe, a large elegant leather trunk strengthened by brass bands called a yakdan, an exquisite ivory-inlaid coffee table (Rajasthan, I think, or possibly Kashmir), and a hookah. These are obviously part
of General Moncrieff’s trophies from his years in India and are here deployed as the British Raj’s visible contribution to discreet English homosexuality [...]this is a subtle, mature, immensely sophisticated production, briskly paced and playful and extremely, I may almost say ostentatiously enjoyable. It ought not to be possible to get tickets, not even for ready money’

John Peter, Sunday Times

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