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Minerva Theatre

By Gillian Plowman

Starring Tom Hollander, Jonathon Morris, Theresa Fresson and Doon Mackichan

Directed by Ian Rickson

Lighting by Bill Bray

Sound by Tom Lishman

Music by Alastair Gavin

Photography by Paul Carter

A black comedy, the play explores the relationships between two "odd" couples thrown prematurely out of hospital care. Firstly, we see two men conduct fantasy interviews for jobs they will never get, then two women trying to "make plans" as urged to do by the hospital. They all meet when Oz throws a disastrous party with the four desperately attempting the niceties of social intercourse.


‘The Minerva presentation was in the round and the interesting design, based on boxes, by Lucy Hall, enhanced this poignant evening’.

Michael Sell, The Stage

‘There is one moment when Hollander’s excellent Oz places a parcel one way on its sheet of brown paper, then the other way, and goes back to the first one, not building a big production number out of his second and third thoughts, just making it casually real. Rickson’s direction finds many other occasions to make character and situation live in this little world, this deceptively safe haven’.

Jeremy Kingston, The Times

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