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Gate Theatre and Ustinov Theatre, Bath

and Bite Festival, Barbican

By Giuseppe Manfridi

English version by Colin Teevan

Directed by Peter Hall and Joe Hill-Gibbins

Lighting by Neil Austin

Sound by Steve Morgan

Photography by Pau Ros

Cuckoos is a riotous farce that is tempered with a playful blend of indecency and excess. Tito, a young man of about 20, has been picked up by Beatrice, a woman twice his age, at the local health club, and they have gone back to his small flat for a sexual liaison. However, trouble arises when they become stuck together...but even more when they discover that she's his mother. 

'"The design by Lucy Hall is one of the distinguished features of the evening. In the opening moments, the tiny shoebox of the Gate is brilliantly glimpsed through the slats of a Venetian blind as a huge expanse" Susannah Clapp, Observer

"Manfridi’s salacious word-play and innuendo are infectious - a piercing black comedy, a nightmare with surreal, farcical undertones" Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard

"The most delightfully, exhilaratingly, intoxicatingly indecent play I have ever seen...a treat" Sunday Times 

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