Gate Theatre and Ustinov Theatre, Bath

and Bite Festival, Barbican

By Giuseppe Manfridi

English version by Colin Teevan

Directed by Peter Hall and Joe Hill-Gibbins

Lighting by Neil Austin

Sound by Steve Morgan

Photography by Pau Ros

Cuckoos is a riotous farce that is tempered with a playful blend of indecency and excess. Tito, a young man of about 20, has been picked up by Beatrice, a woman twice his age, at the local health club, and they have gone back to his small flat for a sexual liaison. However, trouble arises when they become stuck together...but even more when they discover that she's his mother. 

"Manfridi’s salacious word-play and innuendo are infectious - a piercing black comedy, a nightmare with surreal, farcical undertones" Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard

"The most delightfully, exhilaratingly, intoxicatingly indecent play I have ever seen...a treat" Sunday Times

"An Ortonesque sense of rude rebellion...there's a delicious subversiveness about Manfridi's surreal farce" Herald