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Citizens Theatre Glasgow

by A. McArthur and H. Kingsley Long
Adapted by Alex Norton
Director Jeremy Raison
Lighting Guiseppe Di Iorio
Choreographer Maxine Braham
Composer Ricky Ross

An adaptation of the 1935 novel by H. Kingsley Long and Alexander MCArthur. It is an account of life in the Gorbals, a run-down slum district of Glasgow with the hard men and the razor gangs. This tale of Glasgow gang lands is set in the inter-war period (1920s) and is a depiction of working class life for young and old, male and female and gives insight into both the private and public issues faced by the dwellers of the city


The set's two-level split illustrates the gulf between two worlds perfectly. Where the top half is a Technicolor dream machine of opulent dance halls and powdered politesse, the bottom half is a grey dead-end arena of loveless knee-tremblers and bare-knuckle territorialism.’

Glasgow Herald

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